A Look Into the Newest Beauty Trend of Magnetic Face Masks

Magnetic face masks are the newest wonder-invention of today’s futuristic world. Infused with an iron-based formula, this type of mask is removed by using magnets, instead of rinsing with water. Though mostly popular for the magical visual effect, these masks are also claimed to be helpful in leaving the facial skin smoother and softer. Let’s check if these are really worth the hype.

What’s in There?

Magnetic face masks surely sound super futuristic and well, a bit weird! But rest assured, these come with similar ingredients as most regular face masks in the market, with an addition of iron powder. The iron used here is just powdered iron. As it is a natural mineral, it does not cause any reaction with other ingredients in the masks. The twist solely serves the purpose of the magnetizing effect, also giving the masks their classic black sheen-like clay masks.

How Do They Work?

You just have to apply the mask-like any other face mask. Unlike clay masks, magnetic masks don’t tighten or harden your skin. So, you can freely leave them on for the time directed. Still, in case of any irritation, just cut the time short and remove it off faster. A magnetic mask comes with a magnet-set wand or a hand-magnet for removing. Just hover it over your face like a metal detector, and voila! Your mask will come off in no time! But don’t forget to cover the wand or magnet with plastic or tissue first, to easily get the mask off from them later.

Are They Safe?

Magnetic masks are relatively safe, as long as your skin is not highly sensitive or hyper-reactive. The iron powder and the action of removing it with a magnet can be irritating for sensitive skin. But like any other beauty product, you can always go for a patch test first, to make sure. With the benefits of a normal face mask, it is as worth any other mask out there. Perhaps more.