5 Behind-the-Scenes Details About Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek has gained more and more attention over the past few years. Even if you’re just starting the binge-watching process or you’re already a big fan, these details are sure to get you excited to continue watching (or even rewatching) with even more excitement.

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5 Behind-the-Scenes Details About Schitt’s Creek

What’s Schitt’s Creek?

If you’re new to Schitt’s Creek, the show follows a rich family that suddenly has their lives, along with their wealth taken right from under them. They have left one thing and that is the deed to a town called Schitt’s Creek. The town was purchased by Johnny (Eugene Levy) for David (Dan Levy) as a joke.

The series, which aired back in 2016, received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination — becoming the first Pop TV program to do so. The show features hilarious moments whilst remaining thought-provoking. It’s also full of some feel-good facts and hidden secrets. After five years of filming, the show ended, but viewers can still rewatch it over and over again.

The Behind-the-Scenes Details

1. Annie Murphy had to channel her inner Lindsay Lohan, Olsen Twins, Paris Hilton, and Kardashians in order to play Alexis

Annie Murphy as Alexis
5 Behind-the-Scenes Details About Schitt’s Creek

This was shown in the way she talked and even in the way she held her bag. She would continuously watch videos on YouTube of these celebrities to help her find her voice.

2. The designer clothes that are worn on the show are all second-hand purchases

The rich family in luxurious outfits
5 Behind-the-Scenes Details About Schitt’s Creek

Since the show was about a wealthy family, it was important for the stars to be dressed in luxurious outfits. However, the show was filmed on a really tight budget so the costume designer went to thrift stores and never paid more than $200 per item.

3. Dan Levy was very into the details

Dan was involved in practically every aspect of the show — writing, wardrobe fittings, and even post-production. It’s only normal for him to have been so particular about how things turned out. He was even adamant about scuffing the carpets before shooting began because he wanted them to look more worn and not too clean.

4. David’s sexuality was a crucial point for the series

David & Patrick - Schitt’s Creek
5 Behind-the-Scenes Details About Schitt’s Creek

Dan wanted to make sure that the LGBTQ+ characters on Schitt’s Creek could just be. This is opposed to them being used in order to teach viewers a lesson as many other shows do. David, a pansexual, didn’t have a coming-out moment.

5. The series was created after Dan Levy was unable to find work

Schitt’s Creek's Cast
5 Behind-the-Scenes Details About Schitt’s Creek

Dan had trouble landing roles after his hosting days on MTV and was “terrible at auditioning” so he decided to create Schitt’s Creek.