Dry Scooping: The Latest Fitness Trend Taking Over TikTok

Trends are always coming and going, especially on one of the latest social media platforms, TikTok. One of the newest trends in the fitness world is dry scooping. Despite how popular it is, the latest trend is more dangerous than it seems.

A scoop of brown powder
Dry Scooping: The Latest Fitness Trend Taking Over TikTok

What is Dry Scooping?

Dry scooping videos have been taking over the Internet. It’s eating a scoop of pre-workout powder without diluting it in water. This process can maximize the effects of the B vitamins, creatine, amino acids, and caffeine that are in the supplement. Briatney Portillo is just one of the many that have tried the trend, and she was rushed to the hospital after having heart attack symptoms.

After feeling unusually tingly and itchy during her workout, Briatney decided to continue through her workout as she figured it was a normal side effect from the pre-workout powder. However, once she was done with her workout, she started to feel light-headed and nauseous. The symptoms started getting more intense as time went on, and she was later rushed to the hospital where she discovered she had a heart attack.

Pre-workout supplement powder isn’t typically regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it’s impossible to know exactly what ingredients are in them. They generally have high levels of caffeine, which can quickly increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which will put a strain on the heart. Eventually, this can potentially lead to a heart attack.

Other Risks of Dry Scooping

Measuring powder in a scoop on kitchen scales
Dry Scooping: The Latest Fitness Trend Taking Over TikTok

Dry scooping can also come with other risks that you might want to consider. It can also be a big choking hazard. Eating a scoop of pre-workout powder without water can cause you to choke due to the lack of moisture in your mouth.

Another woman who tried the trend stopped breathing when she tried to swallow the dry scoop. The lack of moisture can cause you to inhale the powder and potentially aspirate into your lungs which can lead to pneumonia.