The Thelma & Louise Musical Reportedly Stars Amanda Seyfried And Evan Rachel Wood

With a ride of a lifetime, Thelma & Louise is coming in a brand new media — a musical. According to a Variety report, actress Amanda Seyfried is already on board for the musical version of this Oscar-winning movie, while Evan Rachel Wood is to join her soon in the workshop.

The Crew

Thelma & Louise tells the story of two fiercely loyal friends on a road trip that quickly turns criminal. Reimagining this epic tale by adding song and dance has been in the works in the industry since 2021. The Oscar-winning screenplay writer of the original 1991 film, Callie Khouri, is involved in the new revival project. Singer-songwriter Halley Feiffer and Neko Case are reportedly on board with the responsibility of scores. Though it’s not confirmed yet, Trip Cullman was tapped back in 2021 to direct the musical project. In the original film, Geena Davis played Thelma while Susan Sarandon played Louise, both delivering Oscar-nominated performances. It’s still not clear between Seyfried and Rachel Wood, who will play which role in the upcoming musical version.

The Prediction

Though bits and rumors have been flowing in the wind for the last two years, the prediction solidified during the event of the 2023 Golden Globes Award ceremony. Seyfried won the award for best actress in a limited series for her portrayal of Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced Theranos founder, in The Dropout on Hulu but wasn’t present to accept her award in person. The presenters informed the audience that Seyfried was deep in the process of creating a new musical and couldn’t attend the award ceremony. Later, Seyfried accepted her award and expressed her gratitude over an Instagram live post. There she also confirmed that she had to miss the event due to her involvement in something ‘magical and musical.’ Now the recent Variety report on the Thelma & Louise musical seems to clear up a few things regarding the mysterious musical project.