Alicia Silverstone Returns as Cher for Rakuten Super Bowl Ad

Cher and Amber are back in the game! And if you’re totally ‘clueless’ about it, check out the new Rakuten Super Bowl ad. Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan both have reprised their classic Clueless roles of Cher Horowitz and Amber Mariens, respectively, in a new advertisement for Rakuten. The company recently released the full ad ahead of its upcoming Super Bowl run.

The Theme

In the Clueless-themed ad, the two characters have proven that not much has changed since their mid-1990s head-to-head debate days. Cher and Amber appeared at the front of a class in high school and took their podiums just like they used to do. Only this time, they traded words about the benefit of online shopping using Rakuten to get cash-back opportunities.

The Ad

In a recreated version of Cher’s iconic checkered yellow outfit, Alicia Silverstone, now 46, started her debate speech by saying that she had been pretty ‘clueless’ about online shopping. Without missing a single beat, Elisa Donovan, 52, quipped back “among other things,” just like her sharp-tongued character Amber. Ignoring her, Silverstone’s Cher continued to talk, while dropping Cher’s signature catchphrases like “I was like, as if!” Then she went on to talk about the benefits of Rakuten in the rest of the ad, while we can see a carousel of iconic outfits of Cher’s from the superhit 1995 teen comedy. The ad showed off Cher’s enviable tech-powered closet, now electric, the famed white Jeep, and her gigantic column-laden home in Beverly Hills. When Alicia Silverstone ends her speech, we see Christian Siriano, dressed as Justin Walker’s Christian from the film, throwing up a heart-hand sign to Silverstone. Donovan didn’t miss tossing back a classic “whatever!” with Amber’s signature big W hand sign. Then Silverstone ends the ad while stretching a gum from her mouth, just like Cher did in Clueless at the end of her first debate with Amber.

The Experience

With their new offer, Rakuten makes it easy to save while shopping, as registered shoppers can get cash back at hundreds of famous retailers using the Rakuten app, browser extension, or website. Alicia Silverstone recently told the media that it was a fun and nostalgic experience working with Rakuten and joining old costar Donovan to revive Clueless for the iconic Super Bowl ad. She also pointed out that the entire theme and recreation totally made sense, as her character Cher was a shopaholic in the movie and she wouldn’t miss the chance to take full advantage of getting cashback from Rakuten.