Elderly Couple Chooses the Grocery Store They Met in for Their Nuptials

Walking down the aisle is a dream come true moment, even if the aisle is at your local grocery store! An elderly couple recently ditched the idea of a traditional wedding and instead got hitched at the grocery store where they first met each other. How romantic!

The Story

The story of Arizona natives Dennis Delgado and Brenda Williams is nothing short of a sweet Hollywood romance! In August 2021, Dennis first spotted Brenda searching through the mayonnaise shelf at Fry’s Food and Drug Store in Casa Grande. The two instantly hit it off and went on to chat for half an hour. After getting to know each other a bit, they swapped phone numbers. It didn’t take long for the pair to plan a second meeting.

The Feelings

Both Dennis and Brenda lost their former partners tragically. They bonded over their shared loss and started to develop feelings for each other. Eventually, they got engaged in April this year, and for hubby-to-be Dennis, it wasn’t hard to find a perfect place to propose to his new would-be wife. It was the same condiment aisle of that grocery store. Finally, their story came full circle recently, when the lovebirds said “I Do” standing at that very grocery store aisle.

The Reason

As Brenda told the reporters, both she and Dennis were aware of the fact that, at the ages of 72 and 78, they probably wouldn’t be left with much time. So, they decided to do something dumb and stupid and go out with a bang! But we think of their decision as incredibly sweet and romantic, and we can’t stop swooning! We hope that Dennis and Brenda’s story will give people hope to find love in their lives, no matter their age. Truly, love could be just around the corner, if you look hard at your local grocery store!