Elderly Man Joins a New Job After Just One Day of Retirement

This Man Won’t Stop Working

Most of us countdown the minutes until our workday is over. But that may not be the case for everyone. Few do quite the opposite when it comes to mundane work. Daryl Holmes, a former disability sector worker, is one of them. This 72-year-old loves working so much that he couldn’t bear his retirement for more than one day and joined a new job the next day.

The Work-Loving Man

72-year-old Daryl Holmes had to undergo his scheduled retirement. After lasting one whole day, the boredom of being retired became too much for him. So, he applied for a new job at Newcastle’s Wallsend McDonald’s, and his enthusiasm promptly landed him the gig. Now, this elderly man is loved by his customers and colleagues and has become a local legend. Wallsend McDonald’s has hired Daryl as a customer experience leader. His job description includes greeting customers as they walk into the joint, helping them at the self-serve kiosk, and handling table services for hungry diners. Daryl also does a sideline job at Macca’s at the time of the yearly promotion as a cosplay actor in the costume of the Monopoly guy.

The Positive Energy

The Positive Energy

Daryl Holmes is now one of the oldest employees in the entire McDonald’s chain. In Wallsend McDonald’s, he often imparts his life experiences and wisdom to his far younger coworkers. Like a loving grandfather, he talks to them about the importance of enjoying their work. He also advises them to have someone to talk to during tough times. According to Cruise Monaghan, the operations consultant of Wallsend McDonald’s, having Daryl at the diner has changed the professional atmosphere into a hearty and welcoming one, as he checks on the customers, asks them how their day has been, and makes sure everything’s fine. With these positive experiences, Daryl now encourages his fellow seniors to come out of retirement and do something for society and themselves.