Residents Raise 15k for Beloved Milkman – Retired But Not Due His Pension for a Year

Residents Give Thousands to Popular Milkman as a Retirement Gift

After delivering milk to the doorsteps of St. Michaels in St. Albans for an astounding 47 years, milkman Mick Tutton is retiring. Fondly known as ‘Mick the Milk,’ his presence in the neighborhood went far beyond that of a cheerful milkman, as he became an integral part of the community. In return, the St. Albans residents decided to help him with a kind endeavor.

A Heartwarming Retirement Gift

When the community learned of Mick’s retirement and the unfortunate breakdown of his trusted electric milk truck, they knew they had to show their appreciation. Residents organized a special fundraising night at the local pub, raising an impressive $20,000 as a heartfelt retirement present for their beloved milkman. Although Mick has decided to step back from his daily milk deliveries, he won’t receive his state pension until next year. The generous donations from the town will serve as a bridge, supporting him during this transition period.

More Than Just a Milkman

Milkman Mick’s impact in the town extended far beyond his milk delivery rounds. He was a guardian of the community, keeping an eye out for the elderly and forming deep bonds with the residents. The warm relationships he fostered with families and their pets alike made him not only a cherished milkman but also a family friend.

More Than Just a Milkman

He also actively participated in various charity efforts and even ran in the St. Albans half-marathon, raising funds for noble causes. In 1999, his commitment to the community was recognized when he was awarded the prestigious MBE in the Queen’s birthday honors list.

A Grateful Farewell

According to milkman Mick, the memories of his decades of service and the love he received from the community will forever hold a special place in his heart. The money raised not only helps with his immediate financial needs but also stands as a testament to the profound impact Mick had on the lives of those he touched.