Decoding the Viral TikTok Trend of Face Taping

Various beauty practices like face-lifts and Botox have gained popularity over the last few years. But, not everybody feels confident enough to sign up for it. The recent trend of face tape, which has taken TikTok by storm, has emerged as an appealing alternative for those unwilling to go under the knife or cosmetic procedures.

The Trend of Face Tape

TikTok has recently been taken over by the beauty trend of face taping, which has a seemingly easy process and effective results. With above 472 million views and counting, the hashtag “facetaping” features two different types of processes. The first is overnight face taping for wrinkles and the second one is using face-lift tape, which mimics the effects of a face-lift procedure for a shorter period.

Face Tape for Wrinkles

This first type of face taping involves using common household scotch tapes to smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines. The practice popped up on TikTok a few months ago with viral videos showing users taping their foreheads to eliminate fine lines. The TikTok video makers have documented the visible and consecutively for a few nights. These videos have led many to believe that the process works, but professional surgeons argue otherwise, stating the long-term damaging effects.

Face-lift Tape

Alongside, face-lift tapes have also been trending on TikTok. This method is mostly used while applying makeup to create a visibly lifted look similar to the professional models. In this process, the transparent tape is stuck to the sides of the face and jaw. The tape is then connected by strings, tightly positioned at the back of the head. As a result, the facial skin is pulled on, mimicking a face-lift. Interestingly, the face-lift tape is also not a novel concept and has been used by professional makeup artists for decades as a trick to create a temporary facial lift to compliment the makeup looks.