The Wolf of Wall Street Mansion Gets Listed For Multi-Million Dollars

If you’re searching for a new luxury property, the famous Wolf of Wall Street mansion is ready for you! Now retailing for millions in the real estate market, the property had appeared in the film as the definition of all things opulence, decadence, and chaos too! So, if you want to step into the shoes of Jordan Belfort, even slightly, it’s the most perfect abode!

The Film

Since hitting the screen back in 2013, Wolf of Wall Street has hardly left the audiences’ minds! With the iconic performances by the leading casts of Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Matthew McConaughey, the Martin Scorsese film left a strong impression on the cinematic history of Hollywood. And now, as good news to any avid fan, the famed mansion is available to grab! So, if you have the bucks to spend, get ready to live your dream life in your dream home! Now, this Wolf of Wall Street mansion is listed for a staggering $10 million by Douglas Elliman Real Estate. In the description, the company has dubbed the residential property a ‘Gold Coast Enclave.’ They also have promised the prospective buyers that the lush scenic grounds of the property will instantly make the onlookers feel transported to Kentucky. And the pictures bear the proof!

The Property

Sitting on a massive five acres of land, the stunning Long Island mansion boasts 15,000 square feet of interior space, with six large bedrooms including a main bedroom suite, seven lavish bathrooms, and, bizarrely enough, three dishwashers! Located an hour from Manhattan, the massive property also features a hot tub room, a brick pizza oven, and a wine cellar. The party-perfect picturesque outdoors comes with a barn, a saltwater pool, and also a waterfall pond. The French chateau-style regal exterior of the property has been instantly recognizable and has become famous due to its use in the film.