The World’s Richest Pets List Includes Taylor Swift’s Cat, Olivia Benson

Olivia Benson is currently holding the third spot on a recent rich list. And if you’re wondering who that might be, it’s Taylor Swift’s pet cat, who recently won the bronze medal according to the Top 50 Richest Pet list by All About Cats. According to the site, the musical diva’s feline friend owns a staggering $97 million in net worth! The website used Instagram data to find out the most influential pets and then to estimate the amount of wealth they make for their loving owners, thanks to their social media fame and commercial engagements.

Olivia’s Net Worth

Musical artist Taylor Swift’s adorable companion Olivia Benson earned her million-dollar fortune by starring alongside Swift in several popular music videos. Swift has also crafted a merchandise line in the name of Olivia. The Scottish Fold cat also made cameo appearances in many big-budget advertisements, including Ned Sneakers and Diet Coke. So yes, many of our favorite celebs have canine companions who are richer than most of us!

The Other Winners

The top spot on the list goes to Gunther VI, a German Shepard owned by the Gunther Corporation. As the world’s richest animal, the dog has his own fortune and estate, managed by the corporation, boasting a profit of a whopping $500 million over the last two decades. Runner-up Nala Cat is the symbolic owner of the eponymous premium cat food brand with a net worth of $100 million. Following Taylor Swift’s Olivia Benson, Luke, Layla, Lauren, Sunny, and Sadie are in the fourth position. Owned by none other than Oprah Winfrey, these five pet pups have their own trust fund. Also, collectively they are set to inherit no less than $30 million. At number five sits the first furry influencer Jiffpom. With his highly adorable teddy bear-like look, this popular Pomeranian holds a $25 million net worth in his name through his social media appearances and brand endorsements.