These 5 Bodyweight Exercises Will Cover All Your Muscle Groups

It is important to stay fit and have a regular workout routine with our current lifestyle. But, it’s also important to know how to work out to get the best possible results. An ideal way to stay healthy and not put your body in trauma is by working on your body, muscle by muscle. This is why even gym trainers opt for targeting one body part at a time rather than having a fixed training schedule (leg days on Friday, for example). Here are five exercises that will help you.

Push Ups – Upper Body

To strengthen and keep your upper body fit, one exercise that is fit for all is push-ups. Yes, it can be a bit hard at first. That is why there are stages that one can follow to reach the perfect one. Start small with two sets of ten incline push-ups and then gradually increase them. Soon, your arms will gain strength, and you will be working out like a professional.

Flutter Kicks – Core

Another important zone of your body to focus on is your core. There are several abs exercises that you can do without any special equipment or external help. One of the easiest ones of all is flutter kick. Just lie down on your back and kick your legs up in the air. Again, remember to start slow because you do not want to give up on your second day itself.

Back – The Side Plank

For your back, the side plank is a great exercise to add to your routine. It seems a bit difficult in the beginning, but with time, you will become a pro. Doing a few reps of it will not only shed the extra weight on your back but will also give you relief from your backache.

Lower Body – Warrior Pose

Finally, to work on your legs and thighs, we recommend you try the Warrior two pose. Just stand with a 4-5 feet gap between your legs, widen your arms, turn your left foot to 90 degrees, and pivot on your right. Repeat this a few times on both sides, and you will see the magic happening within a couple of weeks.

Full Body – Jumping Jacks

Lastly, to conclude your workout and let all your body parts sync together, go ahead and do at least 50 jumping jacks with your arms up in the air every time you jump. Bring them down to your legs when you land on the ground and repeat.