Boise Police Officer Gifts His Bike to a Man Who Couldn’t Get to Work

The Boise Police Department posted on their Facebook page that despite all of the new social distancing rules, people should not stop displaying acts of kindness. This was posted after one of the department’s police officers gifted his bike to a local man who had no means of getting to work.

The Police Officer Donated His Bike So a Man Could Go to Work

Boise Police Officer Gifts His Bike to a Man Who Couldn’t Get to Work

Corporal Brek Orton was talking to a man who was involved in a car crash and had no way of getting to work that day. The man was worried that he would lose his job if he didn’t show up, so the Boise Police Corporal decided to give him his bicycle. As he made the donation, he figured that it should be registered to its new owner, so he did just that. Before handling the bike over, Corporal Orton registered it for the man.

Corporal Orton Even Registered the Bike for Its New Owner

Boise Police Officer Gifts His Bike to a Man Who Couldn’t Get to Work

Although the time of social distancing can be challenging for many, it also gives people many chances to show kindness to each other and help their communities. While the man who was living at a local shelter had no way of getting to work, the Boise Police Department was the last place he expected to receive help. He was completely moved by the gesture and will probably get to keep his job thanks to his new bicycle.

Both the man and the police officer looked very happy with the way things turned out, and they even snapped a photo for the Boise Police Department Facebook page. The locals know the police officers in Boise for their selfless service, kindness, and dedication. Unsurprisingly, many locals cheered this latest display of human cooperation.

Much like other police departments around the country, the Boise Police Department has been working together with locals, medical staff, and essential workers to make things better for the entire community, during the trying times of social distancing.