A Dog Receives a New Hairstyle Every Day During Lockdown

While on lockdown, Hannah Heil and her family had to entertain themselves in the comfort of their own home. She and her husband began to work from home and faced a few challenges when it came to enjoying their free time and socializing. However, they found a way to cope with it all. The way Hannah did it was by doing funny hairstyles on their dog.

Hannah Heil's Dog Receives a New Haircut Every Day
A Dog Receives a New Hairstyle Every Day During Lockdown

A Dog With Different Personalities

Hank is Hannah’s dog. He’s a Newfoundland and enjoys having her owner play with his hair. Hannah had decided to start doing different hairstyles on her dog as a way to pass time and eventually made him an Instagram account to document them all.

She decided to post a picture every day until our lives go back to normal. The hairstyles weren’t just regular hairdos, they would resemble everyday outings or people. From Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean to Tiger King references, and even Sunday brunch outfits, she did them all.

Making Lockdown Easier to Deal With

Hank - the stylish dog
A Dog Receives a New Hairstyle Every Day During Lockdown

The stress of staying indoors for so long and without much social interaction can get hard and stressful. For Hannah, this was something that helped with the stress. Whenever she or her husband wanted to take a break or destress, they would go play with Hank. They say that their dog has wild hair that portrays his mood and that is very fun to play with.

They would give Hank hairstyles as a way to make each other laugh, and then they would send photos to their friends and families. Later, they started posting on Instagram before they would start work.

According to Hannah, her dog also enjoys the hairstyles, and he’s been a good model. He’s like a classic Newfoundland breed since he’s patient, loyal, and loving. Aside from that, he’s also quite photogenic and loves attention.