Best 5 Moneymaking Apps to Score Some Extra Cash

Best 5 Moneymaking Apps To Score In Some Extra Cash

Making a little extra money is literally a no-brainer if you have the right technology in your pocket. A range of genius moneymaking apps is available for free on Google Play and iTunes, allowing you to earn some extra bucks between scrolling through Instagram and checking out rumored celeb romances. Here are a few top picks for you.

Drop: For Saving More Money Than You Spend

Have you ever imagined that online shopping can actually earn you some money? Sign up for Drop, the incredible moneymaking app where you can receive return cash for shopping online! Use this app whenever you shop online from stores like Zara and Amazon to receive cash back on each purchase. You can also earn points and sum up on gift cards for brands like Walmart, Starbucks, and many more.

Toluna: For Moneymaking by Sharing Thoughts

Best 5 Moneymaking Apps To Score In Some Extra Cash

If you want to earn a penny or more for your thoughts, Toluna is perfect for you. This moneymaking app wants to hear it from you and pays you via PayPal for completing their surveys, which are usually on general, regular, and fun topics and require witty answers. You can also earn some extra rewards by creating surveys for them or posing questions for their users to answer.

S’More: For Those Who Don’t Really Want to Do Anything

Available free on Google Play, S’More is an app that allows you to get paid by simply renting out your phone’s lock screen. That means you’re to give the app access to your device’s lock screen to display various trends, deals, and new stories on it. Additionally, if you choose to engage with the pop-ups on your screen, you earn extra rewards and gift cards.

Sweatcoin: For Adding More Pep to Your Step

Best 5 Moneymaking Apps To Score In Some Extra Cash

Download the free moneymaking app, connect it with your phone’s GPS and accelerometer, and start getting paid for your steps! You’ll get 0.95 ‘sweatcoins’ for every 1000 steps you take. You can store them to buy fitness gear or even some online fitness classes. Or else, you can cash them in for actual money and treat yourself after all that hard work!

Money App: For Those Who Get Bored Easily

Well, the app comes with an array of options for lazy-time moneymaking. Money App allows you to get paid for providing opinions, taking surveys, playing games, participating in mystery shopping or market research, or even joining a trial for products or games. After you earn your reward, the money will show up in your PayPal account after a couple of days.