Red Velvet Makeup Is Every Bit as Delicious as it Sounds

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Forget the fruity allure of strawberry and the warmth of latte makeup; the latest trending sensation, red velvet makeup, is here to captivate your senses. Turns out that red velvet not only tastes delicious, but it looks great in makeup form as well. Picture the richness of red velvet cakes and the sumptuous touch of plush velvet fabrics seamlessly blended into a single, captivating makeup style.

Embracing Opulence in Textures

As the fashion world layers up for the colder months, embracing cozy knits, corduroy, brocade, and, of course, velvet, makeup follows suit with a return to soft, full-coverage statement looks. The era of sheer skin tints and lip oils is making room for richer textures to take the spotlight, giving birth to the wonderful charm of red velvet makeup.

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This emerging trend reinvents the classic red lip, introducing luxe matte or semi-matte formulas that bring a sense of warmth, dimension, and glam opulence to your makeup routine.

Capturing Elegance in Hues

Introduced and dubbed by Avia Solomon, makeup artist for singer Selena Gomez, the red velvet makeup trend offers versatility, presenting a spectrum of looks from dark merlot reds to captivating ombre variations. Solomon first created this look using Gomez’s line of Rare Beauty products, and the look soon became a trending one! Now celebrities from Millie Bobby Brown to Mandy Moore are rocking this delicious makeup everywhere.

Some noteworthy styles include Vanessa Kirby’s dark, diffused red, providing a stunning contrast to her fair complexion, and modern ombré reds that draw attention to the center of the lips, creating a fuller appearance. Semi-sheen red velvet lips add a touch of luxury with a slight sheen, complementing natural-radiant complexions for that winter glow.

Rediscovering Radiance in Palette

The red velvet makeup trend also embraces tones like scarlet reds, garnet variations for a more diffused effect, ultra-matte statements for a classic bold look, and deep merlot shades that evoke warmth and sultriness, perfect for evening affairs.

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Original red velvet girl Selena Gomez showcased the trend with tonal red velvet makeup, achieving the look with products like Rare Beauty’s Lip Soufflé in shades like Inspire. For a precise and defined look, cherry red velvet lips recommend starting with a lip liner before applying a fire-extinguisher red on top. Finally, the trend takes a fun and uplifting turn with bright red velvet lips, adding a pop of orange-toned red that feels both sophisticated and playful.