Woman Works as a Full-Time Witch After Quitting Job

A Witch

Many of us have faced the big career switch of quitting established jobs to follow our passion. But have you ever heard of someone who quit their job to do witchcraft? Yes, you read that right! Meet Jessica Caldwell, a 29-year-old Welsh woman who spectacularly quit her job to become a full-time witch! More interestingly, she is earning thousands each month in this intriguing new career.

The Job Switch

Jessica Caldwell was a beautician based in Swansea, but she swapped her make-up brush for a magic wand. She has adopted the persona of a real spell-casting, even possibly Hogwarts-attending witch. With a keen interest, she used to splurge on tarot cards, spellbooks, and crystals. Gradually, she set up a social media account to start up her business. Now, the number of her clients is more than 5,000 and they all need her magic touch in their lives. This professional witch only works on social media and already earns three times more than she did at the salon.

The Witch Herself

The Witch Herself

According to Caldwell, she has always been a witch, just didn’t have the right tools to utilize her power. But she never realized that she was already using a powerful tool in her daily life – intuition. Now, she utilizes her intuition to read strangers. Her friends and family were understandably worried initially, but they came around once she began to earn good money. Caldwell came across a paranormal group on Facebook in 2019, which piqued her interest. The page was filled with posts sharing different people’s experiences about their wonderful journeys into witchcraft. Though initially skeptical, Caldwell was fascinated and curious about it and gradually became obsessed. Her business has been swelling since 2020 when she started to charge for her tarot reading, crystal reading, spellbinding, and magical mends. And just like that, Jessica Caldwell is now the most popular witch in town!