Delusionship Diaries – Are You Living in a Love Fantasy?

Exploring the Allure of Infatuation in Modern Dating

If you’re into relationship content on TikTok, you’ve probably come across a new term that’s making waves in the dating world – delusionship. It might sound daunting but don’t worry, you might be more familiar with it than you think. Ask yourself some questions: Do you daydream a lot about someone you’re not officially with? Are you fantasizing about a life with someone you haven’t even been on a single date with yet? If any of these sound like you, then you’re probably in a delusionship.

Defining a Delusionship

Bumble’s dating coach, Dr. Caroline West, describes it as the infatuation you have for someone with whom you don’t have an established relationship. It could be the person you see every morning on the train or someone you’ve matched with on a dating app but haven’t met up with yet. Essentially, a delusionship is just a modern way of saying you have a crush. If you’re concerned that your delusionship might be a toxic habit, relax; Dr. West assures that it’s not inherently bad. It’s perfectly fine to daydream about potential relationships. Think of your delusionship as a way to test the waters with that person, exploring if you might be a good match.

The Fine Line

The Fine Line

However, Dr. West advises being cautious not to get carried away with idealizing the relationship or the person you’re infatuated with. The reality might not match your delusional perception, and it’s essential to keep that in mind. Bumble sees the trend of delusionships as a positive one, coinciding with an overwhelmingly positive outlook on dating. Many Gen Z singles on Bumble are seizing the date and feeling optimistic about romance that lies ahead. So, if you enjoy occasional delusionship fantasies, fear not; it’s all part of exploring potential connections and feeling confident in your own desirability. Just remember to stay grounded in reality when the right person comes along.