Here are Some Hilarious Beige Flags People Have Shared About Their Partners

These Beige Flags May Not Be Deal-Breakers But Are Definitely Something to Think About

When it comes to relationships, we all know about red flags and green flags. They’re those clear signs that help us understand if someone is good for us or not. It’s not difficult to recognize them as their names make it quite easy to understand. But have you heard of the latest TikTok dating term– Beige Flags? Here is what this new dating

What Exactly Is a Beige Flag?

Beige Flags are the quirks and habits of our partners that make us pause for a second and go, “Huh, okay.” They’re those unique little things that don’t really affect the relationship itself but still cannot be ignored. Beige flags are totally harmless — neither good nor bad. They just sort of…are. If it’s getting confusing to understand what a beige flag exactly is, here are some examples of TikTok approved beige flags to help you understand.

Apple Juice at 30,000 Feet: Nicole’s Boyfriend

Apple Juice at 30,000 Feet: Nicole’s Boyfriend

Nicole’s boyfriend has a thing for apple juice, but only when they’re on a plane. He always orders apple juice on the plane (something that he never does otherwise). Talk about reaching new heights of beverage preferences.

Ketchup, Spoon, and Some Serious Love

For Bridget, her girlfriend’s condiment preferences are what causes her eyebrows to rise sometimes. She has a habit of eating ketchup straight from the jar with a spoon. It’s not what most would consider the norm, and it definitely raises the beige flag.

Suitcase Struggles of Michela’s Boyfriend

Instead of wheeling his suitcase around, Michela’s boyfriend carries it by the top handle. It may look a bit odd, but hey, who are we to judge? After all, the only person who’s getting the extra workout is the boyfriend himself.

Emma’s Fiancé’s Self-Care Ritual

Emma’s fiance indulges in not one but multiple baths throughout the day. Like, what’s up with that? It’s his thing, and it’s totally random and certainly qualifies for a beige flag. Thankfully, the only thing it guarantees is that he is clean.

Mark’s Girlfriend’s Dressing-Free Delights

When it comes to salads, Mark’s girlfriend keeps things simple. She enjoys them completely dry, without any dressing or fancy toppings.

Kaylon’s Curious Partner

Kaylon’s Curious Partner

Dining out can be an adventure, especially when Kaylon’s partner is around. He always asks the table next to them what they have ordered. Thank god Kaylon’s not an introvert, and maybe they even got some crazy cool recommendations out of these questions.