Top 3 Choices for an App That Brings Long-Distance Partners Together

Top 3 Choices for an App That Brings Long-Distance Partners Together

When you’re separated from your lover, texting, FaceTime, and Zoom can only go so far until you become bored. After a while, even simple things like sitting in a car together in mutual silence might become fascinating. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship that spans continents or states, or you just can’t see one another right now, an app can help you and your faraway boo stay in touch and feel near.

#1. Between

Between App
This well-liked app combines a chat service and a calendar into one. You may talk with each other, share cute images, save important dates like anniversaries or when you’ll see one another next, and use the free calling tool to call each other. You can upgrade to get rid of the ads and gain access to even more unique features.

#2. Love Nudge App

 Love Nudge AppThis app is built on the concept of love languages, but it takes it a step further by offering goals for your relationship that you may personalize. Perhaps your partner is aware that your love language is words of affirmation but perhaps you can give them a gentle reminder (thus the name *wink*). Rather than bugging your partner with, “Why don’t you ever compliment me when I’m down?” (guilty), Love Nudge turns it into a game, making it exciting for both of you to express your love in each of your favorite love languages. Apple Watch support is also available in the App Store version.

#3. Gottman Card Decks

Gottman Card Decks
Few specialists are as well-known as the Gottmans when it comes to strengthening your relationship as a couple. The Gottman Institute (founded by husband and wife pair Drs. John and Julie Gottman) employs research-based results as the foundation for their best-selling self-help and relationship books, and its app is equally as good. The free software includes 14 card decks with over 1,000 flashcards, as well as activities such as Love Maps to get to know your partner better, date night ideas, and Salsa cards to improve your closeness. The app is slick and simple to use (instructions such as “how to use this deck” are given), and it has a 4.8-star rating based on 564 reviews.