Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Second Innings Going Strong

The beautiful Jennifer Lopez and the dashing Ben Affleck are back together, and people can’t get enough of them! The pair, who were once engaged, are in it together for the long haul this time, Lopez confirmed in an interview.

Jeniffer Lopez on Their Relationship

Recently, the Marry Me star spoke about her and Affleck’s relationship stating that she doesn’t see a breakup in their future. Despite their past, they believe that they’re not headed towards an end. The couple faced severe backlash and were treated badly at the hands of the media and public, when they first got together in 2002, a fact that the young stars were unable to handle at that time. Jeniffer Lopez has stated that even though being with Affleck was one of the happiest times of her life, their younger selves were unable to navigate through the criticism, and that destroyed their relationship from inside out.

Bennifer 2.0

The pair, lovingly called Beniffer by the public, have been going strong ever since their patch up. Lopez credits this to the wisdom and experience gained by them over the years, marveling how those things have allowed them to balance their career and personal lives. Both the stars, who have done extremely well over the years, are now parents themselves, and are very conscious of how much of their relationship they let the media access, with Jennifer Lopez commenting that they’re very protective of it this time.

Forever Kind of Love

The couple first met on the sets of the ill-fated Gigli, and were all set to marry in September 2003, before they called it off due to ‘excessive media attention.’ Since then, both Jennifer and Ben have gone on to date and marry separate people, as well as become parents. The pair, who are very much in love, have been rumored to be together since April 2021, and were spotted indulging in some casual PDA in West Hollywood in June 2021, hence confirming the rekindling of their romance.