The Future of Shopping: ShopShops is China’s New Shopping App

Brick-and-mortar stores have been closed for most of 2020, and retailers had no choice but to get a bit creative to expand their customer reach. Many resulted in finding new ways, most of them virtual, to provide their clients with an intimate shopping experience. However, a new live stream app in China called ShopShops went the extra mile.

The Future of Shopping: ShopShops is China's New Shopping App
The Future of Shopping: ShopShops is China’s New Shopping App

ShopShops Is the New Livestream App in China

ShopShops was founded in 2016 by Liyia Wu, and it started as a directory of U.S. brands. The market was Chinese visitors who were going to the U.S. primarily for shopping. However, since its foundation, the app has evolved into a network with a wide range of retail-experienced hosts. The app sells everything – from fashion to home decor, beauty, and more at a wide range of price points.

It has proven to be a huge success in East Asia as it has a QVC-like image. It even made its way to the United States in a beta version. The app is now available for everyone, and it even features designer brands like Marni, Rebecca Minkoff, and Anna Sui so that customers can shop for new-season items right through the app.

The ShopShops app allows customers to shop through livestream.
The Future of Shopping: ShopShops is China’s New Shopping App
An Interactive Yet Virtual Shopping Experience

The live streaming functionality through ShopShops offers everything a customer would need to make an informed purchase. It’s all done through a live virtual event to give customers the interactive shopping experience they crave.

Customers have the option to ask questions in real-time about products, their fit, color, material, and more. They even have the option to ask their host to try on a clothing item to see the fit, turn it around, hold it closer up to see the details, etc.

Liyia Wu added that the ShopShops app was ultimately developed for entertainment and discovery. The hosts have the opportunity to curate their events and experiences.