Stay On-Trend With These Mirrored Manicures

Instagram is a rich source for cool and fun nail art inspiration. And one of the most popular trends currently is mirrored manicures. Perfectly suitable for everyone, this shiny take on the ever-favorite French manicures will give your nail a cool and chic metallic makeover. From minimalistic to over-the-top, intricate to bedazzled, this manicure can be styled in any way you want. So, organize your nail kits, gather all the extensions, polishes, topcoat gels, and chrome powders, and get ready to try these top mirror-manicure styles.

Icy Stiletto

Icy-hued pointy nails have been the dominating style in mirrored manicures, even before they got the name! The most famous moment of this manicure was during the RuPaul Drag Race when popstar Lizzo sported the icy stiletto to compliment her white stone-studded rings. Nail stylist Eri Ishizu created those nail-daggers by using Apres Gel-X long Stiletto extensions and Apres Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat. A polish of Japanese nail brand Ageha’s MAG Powder created the final mirror finish. The good news? You can perfectly recreate the manicures with your own colors and polishes only!

Rose Gold Tips

French manicures are all about nailing neat and tidy looks. And along with freshly trimmed and perfectly moisturized cuticles, flawlessly curved tips are the most fabulous part of it. To take your manicure one step further into glam-land, dip those French tips in metallic rose gold color. Trust us, with that perfect metallic gloss, bronzy shine, and unusual hue, it’s smart, chic, and a must-try among all manicures.

Silver Smileys

This silver smiley 2D design literally pops out at the onlooker from every nail! The perfect addition to the French manicure trend, these iced-out but cheery smileys are an amazing booster dose to fight against any seasonal depression. Creating the mirroring effect in a clever yet not-so-loud way, the metallic manicures will give you that shine you’ve been craving!